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National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (NSPM-33)

The Research Security Program, outlined in National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (NSPM-33) aims to ensure the security and integrity of research by addressing risks related to sensitive data, intellectual property, and export-controlled information.

Search the topics below to learn how the University of Utah is responding to the proposed NSPM-33 Implementation Guidance.

Ensuring cybersecurity includes conducting regular awareness training, restricting system access, controlling external connections, securely managing non-public information, verifying user identification, implementing authentication measures, monitoring communication, setting up segregated subnetworks, protecting data, promptly addressing system flaws, defending against malicious code, and conducting routine security scans.




University of Utah Policy

As part of our research security program, we provide training to our personnel, emphasizing awareness and identification of research security threats, including insider threat training when relevant.

We integrate pertinent research security elements into existing training on responsible and ethical conduct for our faculty and students.

NSF Research Security Training Modules

The U.S. National Science Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of four interactive online research security training modules, now available to researchers and institutions across the U.S. These modules are designed to facilitate principled international collaboration in an open, transparent and secure environment that safeguards the nation's research ecosystem.

NSF Research Security Training Modules


We uphold thorough international travel policies for our faculty and staff, encompassing business, teaching, conferences, research, and sponsored travel.

These policies entail maintaining travel records, requiring advance disclosure and authorization, conducting security briefings, offering assistance with electronic device security, and imposing pre-registration requirements.


International Travel Guidance - Office of Foreign Influence

The University of Utah adheres to principles of openness in research based on its mission of education, research and public service. 

Export controls are U.S. laws that regulate distribution to foreign nationals, foreign entities, and foreign countries. Please review the Export Control Basics briefing.

Export Control Basics for the University of Utah

export controls - office of sponsored projects 

If you have questions about export controls, please contact OSP’s Export Control Officer, Todd Nilsen.




Export control training covers the requirements and processes for reviewing foreign sponsors, collaborators, and partnerships, ensuring compliance with Federal export control requirements and restricted entities lists.




Questions or Concerns?

contact us 


Research Security Point of Contact

Bob Larsen
Director, Office of Research Information Systems



Last Updated: 5/22/24